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Tattoo accessories

Tattoo accessories for professional treatments

Professional tools are an important part of work – including when creating tattoos. You will find the right tattoo accessories for your salon at PhiShop, for every step of a tattoo treatment: from tattoo practice skin to stencil paper and transfer cream, to rich aftercare cream for post-treatment. Come and see the high-quality products in the PhiTattoo series for yourself in the online shop!

Buy artificial skin for tattoos 

With a tattoo practice skin, every artist becomes a master: trying out new techniques and refining tried-and-tested methods becomes extra fun with a high-quality artificial skin for tattoos.

This is because the synthetic practice skin stretches and reacts to treatment with the machine and tattoo pigments just like human skin and is, therefore, ideal for practising lines and areas. If you buy our artificial skin for tattoos, you'll even get twice as much opportunity for this – because the 3-mm-thick, silicone skin can be worked on on both sides and offers plenty of space for trying things out.

Tattoo transfer stencil paper & cream

A design on paper only comes to life when on the skin. With a reliable stencil transfer paper, you can be sure that your idea will be transferred one-to-one from the paper to the skin. The stencil paper is suitable for both drawings done by hand and thermal copiers, giving it a wide range of uses. The stencil transfer cream supports the exact transfer from the paper to the desired area of skin.

Buy tattoo accessories and more online 

If our tattoo accessories inspire you, then come and discover the wider world of PhiShop. A multitude of beauty offers await you in our online shop:

Buy tattoo accessories – from a reliable source at PhiShop

We guarantee the best quality on the best terms. If you have any unanswered questions about our tattoo accessories or other requests, please contact our Customer Care Team