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    The number one onlineshop for permanent make-up and microblading

About Phishop

PhiShop is a world-leading online shop for beauty products based in Austria. We offer everything you need in order to perform high-quality beauty treatments such as permanent make-up and microblading. We deliver to 160 countries all over the world.

What is PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy offers courses in different permanent make-up techniques and other beauty treatments. We have a network of 250 trainers worldwide. Develop your beauty treatment skills with one of our classes!


Our courses teach a semi-permanent technique for hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing. This technique is intended for anyone who wants to correct aesthetic problems with their eyebrows. 

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Learn the skill of semi-permanent drawing of eyelids or lips with this course. PhiContour offers different techniques to correct natural defects but also to highlight contours.

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We teach you a cosmetic treatment, which combines two revolutionary techniques that require no surgery: Phi-Ion and Microneedling for skin rejuvenation and skin irregularities.

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Learn this method, where lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes. Eyelash extension is about adding length, volume, and creating a style that NO mascara or strip lash can deliver.

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Our Bestsellers

Take a look at which of our products are the most popular.

PhiBrows Scissors & Tweezers
Ultra-thin, sharp tweezer tip is designed to isolate and trim each hair with accuracy and control.  Brow shaping scissors help shape and define brows with optimal comfort and control. Professional-quality, stainless steel.
Disposable Plastic Cartr., Tri-MS4 (0.50) - 8pcs
The Inject Roller is used for microneedling treatments at home. It needs to be attached to a syringe, which is filled with serum. The Inject Roller is gently rolled across the treatment area with even pressure.
PhiNesse Brush Under Eye Blending Brush 16
The under eye blending brush features a slightly firm and rounded brush head for universal blending of products. Works well to soften intense lines and edges and great for combining colors on the lid. 
PhiLashes Gel Free Pads (5pcs)
One-way gel-free pads, ideal for covering and protecting the lower lashes during treatment. Very hydrating and nutritious. Unique use, convenient and safe, for all eye shapes and sizes.
Phibrows Headband
Self-adhesive, white headband for easier hair gathering on the client while working. Each headband has a golden PhiBrows logo imprinted on it.   Made of: 100% cotton
PhiPed Foot File 2 5pcs
Double-sided foot file with different surfaces made of stainless steel with black handle designed for easy use. Intended for removing layers of dead skin and flattening the surface.  5 pcs in package
Handpiece - Zen Machine
Handpiece for Zen Machine - Permament MakeUp Weight of the handpiece: approx. 100 g
1 Micro cartridge
All modules are suitable for the ZEN machine. Each pack contains 15 modules **Excluding the nano-module pack contains 10 modules
PhiLaser Safety Goggles Small
These glasses are designed to protect the eyes from radiation during treatments with laser devices.
Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade 10pcs
The PhiBlade Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade is a disposable tool for drawing eyebrows with the microblading technique. The U24 blade it contains consists of 24 fine, closely spaced needles that form a U-shaped row. Each of them is 0.15 mm in diameter. The even spacing between the needles ensures excellent penetration. Its shape makes it ideal for drawing curved lines. The blade is very sharp, which allows you to make extremely thin strokes. The blade is made of solid 304 stainless steel and has been polished using laser technology. At the other end of the tool is a sterilised microapplicator for rubbing the pigment onto the eyebrows. The product also comes with a sterile self-adhesive, sterilised pad that is stuck onto the glove to clean the blade. This is an advanced blade that is suitable for professional use! One box contains 10 pieces.