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Meet Phi Machines - Which Model Is Right for Me?

Meet Phi Machines - Which Model Is Right for Me?

Step into the future of permanent makeup with the new Phi PMU machines. Adjustable features. Universal cartridge compatibility. Innovation that transforms your skills. 
Excited? We help you choose your new trusted tool based on the characteristics.

Innovation in PMU

As the worldwide PMU market is turning more and more to machine techniques, we want our artists and masters to stay on top. So we’ve been working hard on providing you with the most advanced equipment custom-tailored to your art. 

We heard you and we've got you covered.  

In fact, we got you
3 brand new Phi PMU machines, because we know different artists look for different things in their equipment.  

So let’s introduce each! We’ll give you the basic info, guide you through the features, give you suggestions on use, and compare them to make sure you invest in the best machine for you.

The Phi Artist Is Perfect for You If: 

You’re a new artist still building your skill.

Quick Facts: 

  • Perfect for new artists
  • 3 mm stroke length 
  • Voltage: 4-12 
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second 
  • Ultra-light at 90g 
  • Wired 
  • Takes universal PMU cartridges 
  • Compact & quiet 

Reliable technology streamlined into a compact, budget-friendly solution. Perfect to get you started: take your first PMU machine course, practice on latex props, and start taking clients without a major initial investment. 

 It will be
your trusted partner every step of the way on your journey towards a successful career! 

Technical Specifications 

As Light as a Feather. At only 90 grams, the Artist machine is very easy to move around and implement pigment with utmost precision. The light weight minimizes hand fatigue, allowing you to practice away or take multiple clients back-to-back.

Super Slim, Pen-Shaped Design. With its 23 mm diameter at its widest point above the grip, the Phi Artist is an ergonomic solution. It is perfect for artists with smaller hands who need to focus on their technique rather than wrestle with a bulkier machine. 

3 mm Stroke Length.
An impactful stroke that provides enough force for precise and efficient pigment implementation, but balanced enough to provide protection from excessive skin trauma. It makes the Phi Artist perfect for newer technicians who are still building their intuition and a sense of correct pressure.

Wide Voltage Range. Adapt your power output to get the ideal hertz value - the number of pulses per second - for different techniques and skin types. The perfect variability allows you to get to know your technique of choice inside-out. 

Wired Use for Less Weight & Worry-Free Work.
The RCA connectivity ensures a steady power supply that doesn’t run out, which is perfect for new artists who haven’t mastered treatment time management yet. 

Best For:

While you can do any machine PMU treatment with any of the new Phi machines, the slightly shorter stroke length of 3 mm makes it really good for shading and blending. The light weight and small diameter of the body allow even newer artists to achieve really precise results with any technique, as the machine is easily maneuverable.

The Phi Royal Is Perfect for You If: 

You’re an experienced artist looking for a simple, balanced solution that will introduce you to more advanced equipment.

Quick Facts:

  • Perfect for artists who want to transition into using more advanced equipment 
  • 3.5 mm stroke length 
  • High torque at low speed 
  • Voltage: 4-12 
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second 
  • Battery or power supply operation 
  • 162g with battery, 110g with power supply 
  • 2 interchangeable batteries 
  • 800mAh batteries 
  • Takes universal PMU & tattoo cartridges 

We’ve listened to the needs of our artists and delivered a solution that can improve their extraordinary beauty skills. The Royal will deliver premium results for all Phi machine techniques - without needing to adjust too many complex parameters.

Technical Specifications 

Efficient against skin elasticity. A powerful engine that conquers skin elasticity on all skin types without causing excessive trauma. 

Precision for all techniques. Excellence for hair strokes.
We insisted on developing a solution that will allow you to keep up with market trends. The custom German engine gives a high torque at low speeds - exactly what you were missing for hair strokes.

Versatile power thanks to the 3.5 mm stroke length. A longer yet balanced stroke ensures consistent and reliable pigment implementation with the best possible retention. 

Impeccable precision for intricate work.
Longer stroke + direct drive guarantees maximum control over the needle, so you can create clear pixels or soft blends. 

Integrated battery or power supplier - whichever you prefer.
The Royal machine comes with 2 interchangeable batteries, but you also have the option to buy a power supplier to get rid of excess weight. 

The Royal helps you adapt. 

Wireless machines are weightier, which can be a challenge if you’re not used to it. The Royal gives you the option of switching between using the integrated battery and a wired power supplier. 

Battery operation in general means more weight - this is true for all PMU machines of the market. Once you get used to this, the extra weight actually helps you achieve balance, but it can be a challenge until you do. 

we wanted the Royal to be a hybrid solution. You can use it with the battery, in which case its weight is 162 g. Or, you can buy the supporting power supplier, plug it in and get rid of the extra weight. This way, you can diminish the weight to 110g! 

This means you don’t have to adapt to both an increase in weight and the bigger diameter at the same time, which can be overwhelming.
Use it wired until the device feels comfortable in your hands, and then switch to battery operation. 

Either way, we packed a powerful engine into the smallest footprint possible, with a weight as low as possible.

Best For:

With the Royal, we wanted to deliver a solution optimized for hair strokes, which are generally the biggest challenge in terms of finding the right equipment. And if it’s good for hair strokes, it’s perfect for any other technique as well! 
We achieved this by incorporating a custom German engine that achieves a high torque at low speeds, which is a truly unique feature that competitors can’t match.

The Phi Master Is Perfect for You If: 

You’re an advanced artist looking to optimize your services, cut down on treatment time, and ensure your clients get the pigment retention they want.

Quick Facts:

  • Perfect for advanced pros 
  • High torque at low speed 
  • 3.5 mm stroke 
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Wireless
  • 3 interchangeable batteries
  • 1900 mAh batteries
  • 170g without a battery, 205g with a battery
  • Dual mode: lining & shading
  • Takes universal PMU & tattoo cartridges

With the Master machine, we’re revolutionizing the industry. Perfect for master artists who want premium features that encourage creativity. 

Technical Specifications 

Dual operation mode. Switch between lining and shading in a click. We know finding the right parameters for each treatment can be a challenge, so we wanted to make that process easier and faster. The Master machine has 2 modes with interchangeable features optimized for different techniques. 

Efficient against skin elasticity.
Just like the Royal, the Master machine has a powerful engine that conquers skin elasticity on all skin types without causing excessive trauma. This allows you to create crisp results with pinpoint-precision.

Precision for all techniques. Excellence for hair strokes. The custom German engine gives a high torque at low speeds - exactly what you were missing for hair strokes. 

Maximum efficiency & minimal skin trauma.
High torque at low speeds + 3.5 mm stroke for consistently precise results that are suitable for all skin types. 

Never run out of power.
The Master is powered by an interchangeable 1900 mAh battery with a long charge. You get 3 batteries that allow you to work throughout the day uninterrupted.

Extraordinary technology for extraordinary skills. 

The combination of features we’ve developed for the Master machine makes it the most efficient, time-saving solution. 

With its mechanics optimized for flawless implementation of pigment, you need to do fewer passes to get good saturation. The dual modes help you adapt for lining and shading quickly, which will significantly simplify your combo brows process.  

All in all, it will help you finish treatments faster,
which means you can take more clients, which means more income for you! 

Best For: 

Just like the Royal, the Master machine has a unique engine that achieves high torque at low speeds. This feature optimizes the machine for hair strokes, but it improves the implementation for all techniques.

The high torque means more efficient pigment implementation without having to increase the speed, which you have to do with most machines on the market. Keeping the speed low means clearer pixels with fewer passes to achieve different effects, resulting in as little skin trauma as possible. 

The dual operation mode further optimizes the machine for either lining or shading.  

The Direct Drive mode gives pure power for precise pigmentation, which is perfect for lining and detail-work. The Digital Suspension mode optimizes the shading process, particularly during fast motions. 

Overall, the Master is perfect for every technique!

Why You Need a New Phi Machine

You can be the best artist in the world, but without equipment that can keep up with your art, your service will never reach the extraordinary level we want you to achieve. 

You need a machine that you can trust. You need a machine that will deliver. 

Here’s why you need a Phi machine: 


This is not an empty phrase. For all 3 machines, we chose a fusion of parameters that will allow the most efficient pigment implementation

At the intersection of mechanics of tattooing, skin anatomy and pigmentology, a longer stroke emerges as the smart solution. So
we chose 3-3.5mm stroke lengthsThe longer the stroke, the more force from the engine is transferred to the tip of the needle. More power means more precise penetration that will implement pigment exactly where it needs to go. 

A powerful impact protects the skin from excessive trauma, as the needle goes in without too much resistance, without affecting more tissue than necessary. Cells get pigmented but not damaged. 

As a result, the skin heals smoothly, accepting pigment instead of resisting it, and your client gets the best retention, the most vivid color, and sustainable results that keep the integrity of the skin intact. 


We know Phi artists stay busy, so we created machines that won’t let you down. The new Phi machines are a combination of high-tech engineering, powerful engines adapted to different skill levels, durable materials, and innovative electronic solutions

The engine is the heart of the PMU machine. We decided not to make compromises and chose the most reliable custom German engines for the new machines. 

The coreless technology is what sets them apart - a unique design prevents cogging, improves the speed without compromising precision, and provides smooth operation. So just relax and focus on the results - not the technicalities!


Creativity is born where there is freedom. We want our artists to experiment, play around, unleash their ideas and create masterpieces, so we designed machines that give you options. 

We want you to be able to create any effect, so we gave you
a wide voltage range (4-14), needle hang of up to 4 mm, and for the first time ever, compatibility with universal cartridges

We have developed 25 new universal needle cartridges to keep up!


All 3 machines are suitable for all PMU techniques, from various hair stroke patterns, brow shading effects, PhiContour lips and eyeliner, to restorative micropigmentation like PhiScalp or PhiAreola

The Phi Master machine is unique in its 2 pre-set operation modes for lining and shading that take the guesswork out of adjustment. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Service? Buy Your Perfect Match Right Now!

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