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The PhiLaser Type-H: Hair Removal Innovation

The PhiLaser Type-H: Hair Removal Innovation

Hair removal is a centuries-old practice. Over time, different techniques have been developed, with the latest technology able to offer painless, long-lasting, and skin-friendly options. Among these cutting-edge tools is the PhiLaser Type-H, a semi-conductive diode hair removal laser.

How Does the PhiLaser Type-H Work?

PhiLaser Type-H's innovation is deeply rooted in the science of light and skin interaction. At its core, this laser technology uses a specialized light beam to target hair follicles (the tiny sacs in our skin where hair grows). 

Melanin: The Target 

Melanin, the pigment responsible for giving our hair its color, becomes the target for the PhiLaser Type-H. When this laser light is emitted, it lconcentrates on the melanin in hair. As the light gets absorbed by the melanin, it transforms into heat. This heat then damages the hair follicles' ability to grow new hair. Over time and with consistent treatments, this results in a significant reduction in hair regrowth. 

Safety First

While the main goal is effective hair removal, PhiLaser Type-H doesn't compromise on skin health. Every aspect of this machine is built with skin safety as a priority. The double cooling system plays a critical role here. 

During treatment, the skin can naturally heat up due to the laser's energy. The cooling system ensures that this heat doesn't cause discomfort or potential burns. 
Additionally, the wavelengths of the laser ensure that only the hair follicle is affected and the surrounding skin remains unaffected. It's this crucial balance of efficacy and safety that makes PhiLaser Type-H a sought-after addition to beauty salons.

On What Areas Of The Body Can The Laser Be Used? 

PhiLaser Type-H is very versatile, capable of treating a variety of areas on the body. This means clients have a wide range of options when looking for hair removal solutions. 

Diverse Treatment Areas

From the delicate regions of the face to larger areas like the back or legs, this laser is adept at handling them all. Specific areas include: 
  • Face 
  • Hands 
  • Armpit 
  • Legs 
  • Back 
  • Chest 
  • Lower Stomach 
  • Bikini Area

Customizable Settings

One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to skincare and hair removal. Recognizing this, PhiLaser Type-H comes with adjustable settings to cater to individual needs. 

Before beginning a session, professionals can select:

  • Gender-based settings: Since male and female hair characteristics can differ, especially in coarseness and growth patterns. 

  • Treatment area selection: This ensures the right amount of energy is used for each specific region. 

  • Fitzpatrick Scale: Skin's reaction to the sun varies. Using the Fitzpatrick Scale, which classifies skin tones from 1 (very fair) to 6 (very dark), the laser settings can be fine-tuned. This ensures optimal results while minimizing potential skin reactions.

The Technical Side of PhiLaser Type-H

For the tech enthusiasts or salon professionals out there, here are the specifications that set PhiLaser Type-H apart: 

Power: 1200 watts ensures more energy delivered to hair follicles, providing faster results. 

808nm, the gold standard for hair removal, balances melanin absorption and ensures laser reaches the hair follicle without affecting deeper skin structures. 

Pulse Frequency:
Adjustable from 1-10Hz, this feature allows adjustment of the treatment according to hair coarseness and sensitivity. 

Pulse Duration:
Ranging between 10-100mn, it's adaptable to treat various hair types, including thicker, deeper-rooted hair. 

Energy Density:
This can be altered to be up to 80 J/cm² based on treatment requirements. 

Shot Capacity:
With a huge 100 million shot capacity, this device promises years of heavy-duty usage. 

Cooling Systems:
Featuring an internal encircled water-cooling system alongside a semiconductor cooling system, ensuring a pleasant experience for clients. 

Size and Weight:
At 48 x 36 x 97 cm and weighing 42kg it is a great addition to every salon. 

Whether you're a beauty salon owner looking to upgrade your equipment or someone on the hunt for the best in hair removal technology, the PhiLaser Type-H is worth considering. With its combination of high power, precision, and skin-friendly features, it's setting new standards in the hair removal industry.

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