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The Power of Aftercare in Enhancing PMU and Microblading Treatments

The Power of Aftercare in Enhancing PMU and Microblading Treatments

Beauty treatments such as microblading and permanent makeup have revolutionized the beauty industry, offering the opportunity for people to enhance their appearance with long-lasting results. These procedures require the expertise of skilled microblading and PMU artists and, of course, the use of top-quality products.

One aspect that is often underestimated is the importance of aftercare. Aftercare is a crucial step in ensuring the success of these treatments, as it supports in the healing process, prevents complications, and helps maintain the longevity of the results. By following a proper aftercare routine and using specialized products, microblading or PMU clients can optimize and enjoy their treatment results for longer.

After undergoing any kind of beauty treatment that involves skin penetration (which is the case with PMU and microblading) the body initiates a healing process to repair the affected area. During this healing phase, the skin requires extra care and attention to ensure the best possible results. Aftercare products play a vital role in providing the necessary support for the healing process and protecting from external impurities.

Key Roles of Aftercare Products

One of the primary purposes of aftercare is to maintain the skin's hydration. Proper hydration is essential to prevent dryness, scabbing, and pigment loss. When the skin has enough moisture, it remains bright and soft, allowing for better retention of pigments in microblading and permanent makeup treatments. Dry and dehydrated skin, on the other hand, can lead to flaking, uneven color distribution, and premature fading of pigments.

Aftercare products are formulated to provide additional moisture and nourishment to the treated area, helping to accelerate the healing process. These products often contain ingredients such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils that soothe and hydrate the skin. By creating an optimal environment for healing, aftercare products promote faster tissue regeneration, reduce the risk of complications, and help to calm the treated area by reducing inflammation.

Microblading and PMU Aftercare

For treatments such as microblading and permanent makeup which use pigments, proper aftercare is crucial to avoid infections and complications that can negatively affect the best possible results. Aftercare routines typically involve keeping the treated area clean and applying a specialized aftercare cream or balm. These products are designed to create a protective layer over the skin, shielding it from external irritants and impurities.

Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50pcs
Skin Candy Monodose Balm is an aftercare balm for various beauty treatments, such as permanent make-up. The water-free formula provides a protective film that prevents the treated area from drying out. Calendula extract and St. John's wort oil accelerate skin renewal, while bisabolol helps to soothe and reduce redness. Skin Candy Monodose Balm is universal and therefore suitable for all skin types. One package contains 50 small filled containers with 1ml each, which you can give to your clients directly after the treatment. 
Phi Wipes After Care 5/1
PhiWipes After Care Wipes are used for cleansing the skin post microblading and permanent make-up treatments. The wipes free skin of impurities that could negatively influence the healing of pigments applied during treatment. The ingredients are ideal for soothing and preparing skin for further care post-treatment. These include witch hazel with anti-inflammatory properties, as well as castor oil which helps reduce swelling. The ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin. This package contains 1x Phi Wipes After Care 5/1.
Phi Patches 50x2pcs
PhiPatch is a film that is used to protect against bacteria after microblading or permanent make-up treatments. It is sterile and waterproof and is applied to the eyebrows the first few days after the treatment, especially before sleeping. PhiPatch not only protects against external harmful influences, but also against friction and contact with other materials. One pack contains 50x2 pieces of PhiPatches.  
Microblading After Care Foam (50ml)
Microblading After Care Foam is a soothing facial cleansing foam, which is used after microblading and PMU treatments. It contains active components with a beneficial effect on pigment retention. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and mixed skin.
Tattoo Sun Protection
It is incredibly important to protect permanent makeup and tattoos from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Creating a defensive layer helps to shield against fading, discoloration and blurred outlines of pigments.The Tattoo Sun Protection cream has an SPF factor of 50, which will help to protect PMU and tattoos to keep them looking fresh and vibrant in the sunshine. SPF is primarily a measure of UVB protection. UVB rays are intense and can cause sunburn, and are strongest during the summer months. UVA rays are present throughout the whole year and can pass through glass and even clouds. UVA rays can cause premature skin ageing. The Tattoo Sun Protection cream offers protection against both types of rays can leave you feeling secure that with regular application, you can help protect your skin with pigmented areas. The Tattoo Sun Protection cream is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave white marks on the skin. Ocotocrylene helps to make this cream water resistant. No sunscreens are waterproof, therefore it is important to reapply the cream to stay protected.
Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection After Care Cream
Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection is an aftercare cream to be applied immediately after microblading or other permament make-up treatments. It is designed to prevent the influence of external factors on colour quality and intensity after such treatments. It is specially formulated for clients who exercise, sweat or plan to expose themselves to the sun after treatment. The optimally balanced formula protects the pigments from degradation caused by moisture, such as sweat, and excess oil, maintains the intensity of the pigments and soothes the skin. Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection is easy to apply and leaves no greasy film or white residue. Regular use for the first seven days after treatment intensively nourishes and moisturises the skin. One vial contains 0.34 fl. oz. (10mL).
Skin Candy AntiShock 2 After Care Cream
Anti Shock is a cream that reduces unwanted side effects of PhiBrows, PhiContour, PhiLings and microneedling treatments. It alleviates the accompanying symptoms (dark colours, redness, bruising). Formula 2 is suitable for medium to dark complexions. The cream can be applied immediately after the treatment. It adapts to the natural complexion, soothes the skin and gives it a healthy appearance. 
Phi Tattoo After Care Gel 5ml - 25pcs
Phi Tattoo After Care Gel is used after treatments such as tattoos, permanent makeup or microblading. The gel helps to soothe the skin and reduce redness and swelling. It also helps to protect and rejuvenate the skin after it has undergone any of the above treatments. 
Skin Candy After Care Balm
Skin Candy After Care Balm is a balm for aftercare immediately following permanent make-up treatments. This balm contains carefully selected components that ensure optimal pigment retention. The water-free formula intensively nourishes the skin and increases moisture retention and elasticity. The product forms a protective film on the skin while still allowing it to breathe. Contains proteins that revitalise and regenerate the skin after permanent make-up treatments. 

Pigment aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of the results. Both microblading and permanent makeup procedures involve the insertion of pigments into the skin, creating defined eyebrows, eyeliner, or enhancing features like lip contours. Therefore, it is essential to understand why pigment aftercare is vital for these specific treatments.

Preserving Pigment Retention

One of the main concerns after getting microblading or permanent makeup is the retention of pigments within the skin. Pigments can fade over time due to various factors, such as natural exfoliation, exposure to sunlight, and the body's healing process. Proper pigment aftercare helps prevent premature fading and extends the lifespan of the treatment.

Aftercare products for pigment retention contain ingredients that support color stabilization and enhance pigment adherence to the skin. These specialized products help create a protective barrier over the treated area, shielding it from external elements that can cause pigment loss. By following the recommended aftercare routine, individuals can ensure that the desired color intensity and definition are maintained throughout the healing process and thereafter.

Furthermore, as you focus on the importance of aftercare to preserve the vibrancy of pigments and ensure optimal results, remember that protective aftercare from the sun should not be neglected. For comprehensive insights into safeguarding your skin and understanding sun exposure, don't miss the insightful article on sun protection – "The Sun, Your Skin, and You: A Guide to Sun Protection". It offers valuable tips to keep your skin safe under the sun and emphasizes the significance of sun protection in maintaining your skin's health and beauty.

Minimizing the Risk of Color Distortion

Inadequate aftercare can lead to color distortion or uneven fading of pigments, resulting in a less-than-optimal appearance. It is crucial to understand that the healing process after microblading or permanent makeup involves the shedding of superficial layers of the skin, which can affect the overall color and appearance. 

Proper aftercare helps minimize the risk of color distortion by supporting a smooth and even healing process. However, over time, the color will settle and reach its desired shade. Aftercare products designed for pigmented treatments often contain ingredients that soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and promote balanced healing.

By properly following the aftercare routine and using these specialized products, clients can minimize color irregularities, ensuring that the final result remains vibrant and even!

Preventing Infections and Complications 

Aftercare in pigment-based treatments also plays a crucial role in preventing infections and complications. The insertion of pigments into the skin creates small wounds that need time to heal and seal properly.

Following the aftercare instructions, including keeping the treated area clean and applying appropriate aftercare products, helps prevent infection. Aftercare products often have antimicrobial properties that protect the skin from harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. By maintaining a sterile environment and minimizing the introduction of contaminants, clients can support a smooth healing process, ensuring the best possible results after they get home from the salon.

Promoting Even Color Settling 

Proper aftercare aids in achieving even color settling, which is crucial for natural-looking and well-defined results. During the healing process, pigments may initially appear darker or more intense. However, over time, the color will settle and reach its desired shade. By following the aftercare routine, clients can help the pigments settle evenly and gradually. Neglecting aftercare instructions - such as exposing to excessive sunlight, excessive moisture, or picking at scabs - can disrupt the color settling process, leading to uneven or patchy results. 

Pigment aftercare is essential for microblading and permanent makeup treatments to preserve pigment retention, prevent color distortion, minimize the risk of infection, and promote even color settling. By closely following the recommended aftercare routine and using specialized products, clients can ensure long-lasting, vibrant, and beautiful results from these pigment-based treatments.

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