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In this competition everyone wins! 

The aim of this competition is for each participant to receive recognition for the results they have accomplished or to receive guidelines on how to improve their work. 

 This competition is specific in that Artists do not choose their competing categories rather, the Academy will award Artists according to the category it assesses the Artist excels.

This competition consists of three levels:

1. Local PhiAward

In this category, Artists are chosen by town/city. The competition is entered through an online application form. After thorough analysis of all available communication channels, the participants are awarded for their accomplishments in various areas.
Winners at the Local level are then invited to the next step.

2. Country PhiAward

Best Artists at country level will be announced at the Gala Event, organized annually at the most prestigious locations around the world. Presentations in the field of PMU will be held as part of these events. Only the winners of the Local PhiAward are eligible to participate. The Title of Master and winner of valuable vouchers redeemable through our PhiShop will be awarded.
Winners are the national level are then invited to participate at the following level.

3. World PhiAward

The World PhiAward is organized as a part of Grand MasterClass 2022, in Belgrade. Only the winners of Country PhiAwards are eligible to participate. The most valuable prizes ever to be awarded in the world of PMU will be handed out during this competition!

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What is the timeline for work to be evaluated?

Work submitted must be from the past six months.

Who is on the deciding committee?

A panel made up of PhiAcademy professionals and Masters determine the categories and who gets awarded.

How are the winners chosen?

According to criteria ideated by the committee, winners are selected for each category and scored according to various factors; quality of technique, quality of informative content, innovation in work, to name a few.

What is the procedure to be part of this edition of PhiAward?

For your work to be considered for the first level of PhiAward (Local), you must purchase a ticket. Only winners at Local level will be invited to the following level competition as well as the global competition.

When and where is PhiAward taking place?

PhiAward starts awarding Local winners on December 20th, 2022. Other dates and locations are to be announced at a later date.