7 Pins / 19 Pins Needles 20pcs (10pcs of each)


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Product information "7 Pins / 19 Pins Needles 20pcs (10pcs of each)"

7 PINS / 19 PINS are needles that are used together with the UNIVERSAL HOLDER for PhiShading treatments.

The products are used by unscrewing the upper part of the UNIVERSAL HOLDER and screwing up the desired needles.

7 PINS needles are single row, and 19 PINS needles are triple row, giving the best shading effects. They are very stable and sharp, giving extremely precise results, even for delicate areas. The shading between the individually created hairs achieves a particularly dense and natural eyebrow look.

One pack contains ten of the 7 PINS and ten of the 19 PINS needles, which are made of medical grade stainless steel.

Each blade is individually packaged with the latest sealing technology for full protection.

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