PhInjection FA Thin 1 x 1 ml


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Product number: 91556
Product information "PhInjection FA Thin 1 x 1 ml"

PhInjection FA Thin is a gel based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

This product is intended for professional use for the treatment of periculocular wrinkles, small skin defects and scars.


One pack contains:

- a pre-filled, graduated, 1ml glass dispenser containing the product with a Luer Lok adapter included in a blister pack.

- white plastic holder mounted on the glass dispenser for convenient use and handling.

- an information leaflet which should be read carefully before using the product.


Correction Zones:

- Forehead wrinkles
- Crow's feet
- Glabellar lines
- Earlobes
- Nose-cheek lines
- Nasolabial folds
- Purse-string wrinkles or smoker lines
- Marionette wrinkles
- Lip contour and natural lip volume
- Chin


Average lasting result: 8-12 months


*** NOTE: Deliveries to USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Austria are not permitted.

Use on face based on previous knowledge and experience. This is a sterile, disposable product suitable for external use.

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