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Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 4F (0.3) 15pcs
This cartridge consists of 4 needles with a diameter of 0.3mm. The cartridge is best suited for the creation of thicker lines, including for use for the creation of eyebrow hairs and filling in lip color. When used at an angle, it can be used as a shading needle. Compatible with Simplicity Machines
Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 5FSL (0.3) 15pcs
This cartridge is made up of 5 needles with a diameter of 0.25mm, positioned in a slope. This cartridge is used primarily for shading, and in particular for lip shading. In addition, it is great for artists who naturally work at a 90 degree angle who can find it hard to slant it to 45 degrees for optimal shading. Compatible with Simplicity Machines.
Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 5R (0.25) 15pcs
This cartridge consists of 5 needles with a diameter of 0.25mm. This cartridge has been developed for color filling larger areas during permanent makeup treatments. This includes for working on thicker eyebrows, larger lips, and also on nipples. Compatible with Simplicity Machines.
Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo 6F (0.3) 15pcs
This cartridge is made up of 6 needles with a diameter of 0.3mm, positioned in a straight line. The cartridge is best suited for the creation of thicker lines, as the shape allows more ink to be delivered at once. This includes eyebrow strokes and lip contours. When used at an angle, it can also be used as a shading needle. Compatible with Simplicity Machines.
Disposable Plastic Cartr. Revo Tri-M (2.00) 10pcs
This cartridge has been created for microneedling and mesotherapy treatments. It consists of 12 needles to promote great product absorption during treatment. Compatible with Simplicity Machines
Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 (2.00) 4pcs
This new microneedling cartridge is used for cosmetic treatments which aim to rejuvenate skin or correct skin irregularities. The procedures are surgery-free, with only superficial wounds being created. These allow products to be absorbed and penetrate skin barriers more effectively. The Revo Tri-MP6 uses innovative 6-needle technology. More needles in a flat straight line allows for a faster treatment process, because more microchannels are created through the skin’s surface covering a larger area.   For practicality, there is a direct serum connector on the neck of the cartridge for easy product insertion.  
Disposable Plastic Cartr., Tri-MS4 (0.50) - 8pcs
The Inject Roller is used for microneedling treatments at home. It needs to be attached to a syringe, which is filled with serum. The Inject Roller is gently rolled across the treatment area with even pressure.
Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade 10pcs
This microblading tool is intended for confident microblading artists It is made of 24 ultra-fine nano-needles that create a U-shaped blade. The needles are 0.15mm in diameter, so are incredibly sharp. Due to the thin diameter of needles and resulting sharp blade, very little pressure is required to penetrate the skin during treatments. The blade is able to create thin, precise strokes, including curves. The blade is made of medical-grade 304 stainless steel, polished with laser technology. This material is hypoallergenic and allows for a sharp and accurate application of strokes during treatment. This tool comes with: A sterilized, lint-free pigment micro applicator to rub pigment into the created strokes A sterilized, self-adhesive pad. This is attached to the glove to wipe excess pigment from the blade during treatment Each pack contains 10 pieces
DR. PHI Oxygen Ampoule
Phi Oxygen ampoules consist of a special revitalising formula containing pure oxygen. The active ingredient concentrate is for tired skin that needs energy and is stressed by environmental influences. Encapsulated oxygen increases the energy level of the cells and supports their renewal process. Biosaccharides moisturise the skin. At the same time, an anti-pollution effect protects against premature, environmentally-induced skin ageing during the day. Starts the day with energised skin. Contains 7 ampoules x 2 ml. NOTE: Use the ampoules externally only! CAUTION: If the ampoule is not opened correctly, so that pieces of the glass are broken and get into the product, the product should not be used and should be thrown away. Instructions can be found in the packaging.   ***Deliveries to Austria are not allowed.
Drawing Pencil Black
Pens for contouring the desired shape of the lips / eyeliner before treatment.
Drawing Pencil Pink
Pens for contouring the desired shape of the lips / eyeliner before treatment.
Drawing Pencil Red
Pens for contouring the desired shape of the lips / eyeliner before treatment.
Enzyme Peeling
Enzyme Peeling is a unique formula containing a special combination of enzymes that gently removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin's surface. Acts to help stimulate cell regeneration and maintain optimal skin hydration, resulting in radiant and younger looking skin. 
Fractional Tip for Phi-Ion Pro
This Fractional Tip is an attachment for the Phi-Ion Pro Pen, which is used for PhiLings and microneedling treatments. It is mainly used against wrinkles, but also ensures that active ingredients can be absorbed better by the skin, for example PhiBright or microneedling gels. Only suitable for professional use!
Front cap for Phi-Ion PRO
Front cap replacement module for the Phi-Ion PRO machine.
Hair Booster Serum + Tri-MP6
The Hair Booster Serum Set consits of two Microneedling products that help improve hair strength and encourage growth. Microneedling Hair Booster Serum The Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of top ingredients to protect, nourish and strengthen existing hair, as well as encourage new hair growth. It should be applied on clean and healthy scalp skin. Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 This new cartridge with innovative 6-needle technology is ideal for skin treatments intending to create multiple microchannels to optimize product absorption. There is a serum connector on the neck of the cartridge for easy product transfer and insertion. It can also be used with Simplicity Machines. The amount of needles make it possible to cover a large area of the skin, which makes it perfect for usage on the scalp. This set contains: 1x Microneedling Hair Booster Serum set 3ml - 5pcs 1 x Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo Tri-MP6 (2.00) - 4pcs
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Hair Booster Serum 5/1
This Microneedling Hair Booster Serum is packed full of great ingredients which support the strengthening, protection, generation and nourishment of hair. To mention a few and what their effects are: Creatine: preserves and strengthens Panthenol, hyaluronic acid: moisturizes and regenerates Redensyl: protects and promotes growth Darkenyl: restores pigmentation and prevents weakness The serum should be used in combination with PhiShop’s Microneedling Applicator.This Microneedling Hair Booster Serum should be only on healthy, clean scalp skin. It should be applied before going to bed, to allow effective product penetration, absorption and optimize results.
Hair Strokes Brows Phi Box
With the Hair Strokes Brows Phi Box, you have the basic tools you need to create artificial eyebrows, including printed latex for training, to achieve the best results. The Hair Strokes Brows Phi Box contains: 1x PhiContour Brown 1 SUPER 5ml1x PhiContour Brown 2 SUPER 5ml1x PhiContour Brown 3 SUPER 5ml5x Phi Wipes Asept5x Phi Wipes MakeUp Remover3x Practising Latex blank50x Ink Cup1x PhiBrows Golden Ratio Divider1x Skin Candy Shield 20pcs1x PhiBrows Drawing Pencil - Flat15x Disposable Plastic Cartr., Revo 1P (0.18)
Handpiece - Zen Machine
Handpiece for Zen Machine - Permament MakeUp Weight of the handpiece: approx. 100 g
Hard Sugar Paste 350g
This sugar paste is used during a PhiSugaring treatment to remove unwanted hair. This sugar paste do not require preheating. Easy to spread on the desired area and extremely gentle to the skin. Three types of Sugar Paste are available: · Soft · Middle · Hard The choice of the paste depends on the strength and thickness of the hair. Different pastes can also be used for different areas: Legs: middle & softArms: middle & softArmpits: middle & hardUpperlip & chin: middle & hardEyebrows: middle & hardChest, belly: middle & hardBack: middle & softBikini zone: middle & hard Package: Plastic jar, 350 g
Heat Gun
The Heat Gun is a heat gun that heats special shrink film to shrink it and create a hygienic protective cover for products in your salon. It is made from ABS plastic, so it is fairly lightweight and lies easily in your hand due to its ergonomic design. A fire may result if the appliances are not used with care! Do not use in the presence of an explosive atmosphere. Do not apply to the same area for longer periods. Be aware that invisible combustible materials may also be affected by the heat generated by the appliance. Place the appliance on its stand after use and allow it to cool before storing. Specifications Handheld heat gun, model MF 300 Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50HZ - 60HZ Power: 300W Temperature: 200 ℃ Colour: Black Material: ABS Size: 22.5 x 4.5cm
cs bottleee.jpg
Home Use Cocktail
This is a home use cocktail container and does not contain serum. -- Follow instructions to prepare the Aftercare Cocktail for the client and put into this container. Give with a Inject Roller and PVC-Injector so that the client can apply the serum to the face safely. The client is to apply for the seven days post-treatment on a washed face.
Hyaluron Serum 7 - 10ml
The combination of ingredients contained in this serum has positive effects on skin hydration and moisture retention. It helps prevent wrinkle formation, in addition to its antioxidative properties, as well as providing skin-brightening benefits. These protective properties make Hyaluron Serum 7 suitable for younger skin and the first choice in preventive, anti-age treatment. Key components: Methylglucoside Phosphate Copper Lysinate/Prolinate Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Extract Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside   **Deliveries to Australia are not allowed.
syringe roller.jpg
Inject Roller and PVC-Injector
Inject roller and syringe for performing microneedling treatment at home.