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Start on your journey to crafting beautiful brows and achieving success in the microblading business. At PhiAcademy, you and your success are valued.

What is PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy is the largest academy for microblading and permanent makeup on earth, and is proud to train the the best beauty artists in the world! Enrolling as a student at the academy is the first step towards beauty business success. 

 Working through professionally developed skill levels, progression is based on the values that represent PhiAcademy: 
Hard work, visible improvement, merit, loyalty, in addition to aptitude for marketing business development, great communication skills and positive representation of the individual as well as the academy.

What is microblading?

The PhiBrows microblading technique is a practice of drawing hyperrealistic eyebrows manually on the skin. It leaves brows looking natural and perfectly proportional to the client’s face, using the Golden Ratio. 

The Golden Ratio runs through PhiAcademy, and is the ratio 1: 1.618. It is also known as the divine proportion, and is believed to represent true beauty. 

Joining PhiAcademy and leaning the technique of the Golden Ratio opens doors for perfect proportionality, and the ability to craft true beauty.

Want to get started?

Here are two fantastic online microblading courses, with the Founder of PhiAcademy himself:
Grand Master Branko Babić.

Standard Course and Kit

The PhiBrows Standard Course is ideal for all aspiring future PhiBrow Artists with no previous experience. 

Through this course, expect to learn and practice the mapping, drawing and initial application of pigment techniques of microblading. 

The kit includes 18 products which is sufficient for 50 microblading treatments

These include the BB Compass for measuring and mapping eyebrows, a range of PhiBrows SUPER microblading pigments, Printed Latex to practice the microblading technique, blades and disposable microblading tools, and Skin Candy Aftercare Monodose Balm. Look below in the dropdown for the full list of tools included. 

4 theoretical courses: Color Theory Course, Hygiene Course, Skin Expert Skin Course, First Class Service Course. 

4 months of dedicated Master support on the CraftMaster App.

1500€ + VAT and other expenses

PhiBrows Standard Course

Premium Course and Kit

The PhiBrows Premium Course is the ‘ultimate’ PhiAcademy educational course.

Regardless of the amount of experience you have in microblading, this course will help anyone who has the ambition to succeed in the microblading beauty industry.

Throughout this premium course, learn and practice the measuring, mapping and drawing technique of perfectly proportional eyebrows, as well as pigment application with microblading tools. 

The bonus of this premium course is the detailed course about expanding business and building a positive reputation to find new clients. 

This kit includes 29 products which are suitable for 80 microblading treatments. Included is skin preparation tools, the prestigious BB Compass to be used as the measuring and mapping tool, a selection of PhiBrows SUPER Pigments, professional microblading blades and disposable tools, in addition to numerous products from our Skin Candy aftercare range. 

5 theoretical courses: Color Theory Course, Hygiene Course, Skin Expert Skin Course, First Class Service Course and Get More Clients Course

6 months of dedicated Master support on the CraftMaster App.

1900€ + VAT and other expenses

PhiShop has flexible PayLater options on all purchases. For more information about the payment methods we offer, check out our page.

How do online courses work? 

The key to the world of microblading success can be at your fingertips, with the PhiBrows courses through the CraftMaster App. 

With the purchase of a course and kit package, you will be granted access to the CraftMaster App, which is a exclusive platform full of in-depth, professional knowledge and education to aid your journey to becoming a PhiBrows Artist

With detailed lecture sections, with videos and exercises to complete to advance through levels, the app guides you on your journey into the World of Phi. 

Your work will be evaluated by Branko, who will either pass you to the next level, or give critical feedback to correct techniques. 

Your success is in the heart of the Master’s motivation, and you have access on this app to contact either by written or voice message - whichever you prefer. 

Everything you need to complete the courses are included in the kits which will be sent out to you with worldwide express shipping. 

The future of your PhiBrows skills and success are in your hands. You decide how your schedule looks over the timespan of the course, to times that suit YOU.

So, which course is right for you?

Compare the two packages offered below.
Then, start your journey in the World of Phi today, and live and explore your potential in the beauty industry! 

Standard PhiBrows Package 

18 products for 50 treatments 
4 bonus courses 
4 months CraftMaster Access 
€1500 + VAT and other costs

Premium PhiBrows Package

29 products for 80 treatments 
5 bonus courses 
 6 months CraftMaster Access 
 €1900 + VAT and other costs 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PhiBrows?

Inspired by the ancient Eastern practice of creating well proportioned eyebrows on Japanese Royals, Branko Babić - the founder of PhiAcademy, took the originally Chinese methods of hikimaiu an ohaguro, and developed them into his own approach to crafting perfectly proprtional eyebrows through the art of microblading. 

PhiBrows is a hyperrealistic micrblading technique is based on the use of the Golden Ratio, which is represented by the Greek letter, phi ϕ. It is able to take the proportions of any client’s face, and map out eyebrows that are perfectly proportional to their features. 

The Golden Ratio is considered as a divine measure of beauty and can enhance the natural beauty of everybody! 

After mapping out proportional eyebrows, the semi-permanent microblading technique is used to implant pigment into the eyebrow strokes. Clients then have the luxury of having perfect, natural looking eyebrows that last and require no daily upkeep.

What is the history of PhiAcademy?

As a very brief summary, the founder of PhiAcademy is none other than Branko Babić himself! 

Expanding on the concept of the Golden Ratio and the innovative PhiBrows technique (mentioned above), PhiAcademy aims to allow people to become students and start on a journey to learning, dedication and practice towards beauty industry success. With endless beatuy industry specialities and educational courses, PhiAcademy uses a ‘hexaplan’ system of progression, support and success. 

In addition to technique and practice of the treatments, PhiAcademy will develop the student from a business perspective, creating opportunities for students to make a successful and well paying career out of their talents in the world of beauty.

What is PhiShop?

PhiShop is the official online beauty supply store of PhiAcademy. 

Products are developed by experts and industry professionals to have quality beauty supplies that you can trust. 

The extensive research and development transform complex science into easy-to-use, quality beauty products. With over 1,000 on offer, PhiShop has great supplies and tools for whichever beauty business you specialize in.

Where in the world do PhiAcademy and PhiShop operate?

To find out where our PhiAcademy Artists comes from, check out our Phi World Map.
PhiShop is proud to operate in over 160 countries, and offers worldwide express shipping to these destinations. Check out the list of countries, grouped by continent: Delivery Information 

What is the CraftMaster App, and how do I access it?

The CraftMaster App is the biggest online education platforms in the beauty industry! 

There are over 300 different courses available, taught by the experts that have proven dedication and success in the industry. 
The app provides extensive course content, numerous opportunities to interact with fellow students and masters of the academy, as well as being able to track your progress and of course - always learn something new!

How does the education work online?

When you buy a course and kit package, you will be given access to the CraftMaster App.

There are detailed lectures and video material to help you learn the microblading technique, with step-by-step tutorials. Practising on the latex provided in the kit, you can upload photo evidence of your work which will be evaluated by Branko with feedback. 

You are guided through the 11 levels of the course with the app, until your skills have developed and you can confidently microblade.

Who am I in contact with?

You will be able to talk to other students of the course, as well as other students in the CraftMaster app generally. In addition, for the course duration you will be in frequent contact with the Master teaching you.

If I am struggling with the course, what can I do?

It is possible to ask for support from your teaching Master, as well as talk to other students for any tips for improvement. 

With these online courses, it is up to you to plan your schedule over the 4 (Standard Course) or 6 (Premium Course) months. 

It is important to dedicate enough time to practicing at each level, to build confidence in each skill.

What are the differences between the Standard and Premium Packages?

The key differences between the Standard Package and the Premium Package are the products included, the theoretical courses included, the duration of the course, and logically - the price. 

The Standard Package contains 16 products, which are suitable for 50 treatments. 
The Premium Package contains 25 products suitable for 80 treatments. 

The Standard Package includes Color Theory, Hygiene Course, Skin Expert Course and the First Class Service Course. 
The Premium Package includes all of the courses above, and also the Get More Clients Course - which focuses on the marketing of yourself as an artist. 

The Standard Package lasts for 4 months. 
The Premium Package lasts for 6 months. 

The Standard Package costs 1500€ + VAT, shipping and other costs 
The Premium Package costs 1900€ + VAT, shipping and other costs

How long do I get access to the CraftMaster App?

You can access the CraftMaster App for free from a social networking perspective. 

However, for the course content, it depends on your package. With the Standard Package you get 4 months access to the material. With the Premium Package, you get 6 months access to the material.

What if I want more than online training?

If you think you would prefer an in-person training, check out the courses available near you: PhiAcademy Courses

Do I pay for my course package all at once?

If you buy your course package at PhiShop, you can either pay in full at checkout, or use one of our Pay Later Options.

These vary depending on your country, so please ensure you know what is applicable to you. More information about the different options can be found here: PayLater Options

Who can I contact for any queries about the course or the package I have purchased?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Department, who will be happy to help you with any queries.

Need some help?

Our Customer Care team are here for you! 

 If you need any information regarding the Standard and Premium packages, the timeline of purchase and education, or anything else regarding your future with PhiAcademy, please dont hesistate to contact us!


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